_in:Still Life

A responsive installation art work that situates itself between bio-art and sound-art. Both its artistic inspiration and methods of application are derived from living systems.

Covered in darkness, a biotechnological creature glows in space, broadcasting signals. Controlled by a pattern seeking digital brain, fluids are rhythmically pumped through its transparent veins. In an ever evolving series of calls and responses, ‘_in:still life’ tries to obtain its own musical and visual language, guided by artificial creativity and expressed through its organic body.

A sensory system scans its surroundings in search of other entities to interact with.
Approach…, and you will be the witness of an intricate private performance, a playful combination of dripping liquids with bioluminescent disturbances.
Step away…, and ‘_in:still life’ slips into a lucid dream state, contemplating its own existence by developing new patterns and modifying the old.

Exhibited at Fiber Festival / 2012

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    Tijs Ham

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