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What can I do for you?

A few things I'm good at and excited about.

Interactive Sound Design

Although I still enjoy working for linear media, my main interest and specialisation is in designing sonic experiences for interactive/responsive works (i.e games, installations, AR/VR applications)

Creative Coding / Prototyping

Mainly using Max/MSP, PureData and alike graphical programming environments along with Arduino or similar physical computing platforms I can develop tools for the specific needs of a project.

Consultation / Supervision

If your project has a focus on sound and/or sonic interaction, I can provide technical / conceptual supervision, advice, a critical ear or simply a 2nd opinion depending on your needs.


I enjoy peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges and giving workshops is a great way to enable that. Soundwalks, field recording, AR/VR, hardware hacking, creative coding, wearables are tech-themes that interest me in relation to sound practice.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

About Me

Treading the line between art & design.

Who, What, Why?

I'm a curious, thinker-doer person who loves to learn and experiment. As a sound designer / artist with music background I am motivated by the possible experiences one can create, enhance & communicate by enabling the ear. Having a wide range of interests and past works, currently I specialize myself in interactive & spatial audio. My work ranges from commercial sound design projects to art works that require an interactive touch.

When working on my personal projects I often find inspiration in life like systems, artificial intelligence, feedback processes and mostly aim for a slow burn & subtle experience. More often than not, I find myself secretly fussing over the 'complicated' relationship we have with technology, our consumption habits, the political and mundane by-products of being (a human), and the all too common struggles of "the modern-self".

I'm the proud founder & member of the international sound collective, Soundlings. A collaboration platform run by brilliant and lovely people who are on a similar creative journey; so make sure you check them out.

At the moment, I'm fairly busy collecting experience points at a AAA game dev. studio in the Netherlands; Guerrilla Games, working on our beautiful latest game Horizon Zero Dawn. Good times!


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Get in Touch

Feel free to drop me a line below.

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