Claude Glass

Sound design, voice over recording and mix for Claude Glass narrative film. Voice by Tom Hofland.

“Claude Glass is a black mirror that connects digital reflections of the landscape with the actual reflections of the viewer. Each minute the scenic landscape changes showing the minute changes of the conditions throughout the day. By turning the object clockwise one speeds up time and travels into the night and onto the next day, by turning in the opposite direction one can reverse in time. This abstract timepiece is inspired by the black pocket sized mirror used by artists, connoisseurs of the landscape, and tourists in the 18th century. Named after the landscape painter Claude Lorrain, who was synonymous with the picturesque aesthetic, the Claude glass was a tool through which one looked out upon the world. Whereas the concern in the Romantic period was to frame and transform the world into the sublime aesthetic, this Claude Glass augments through the tools of today inviting one to experience alternate seasons and their distinct characteristics.”


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    Film Sound, Sound Design
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    Commonplace Studio
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