[I am] Floating in a Room

Acoustic spaces are not a fixed physical reality, but are temporal in nature, being created and transformed through the sounds that populate them.

[I am] Floating in a Room is a responsive sound installation that iterates on itself each time it is exhibited. It deploys custom-made miniature FM transmitters, suspended in midair by balloons, to pick up the sounds of the visitors. As the space becomes populated with their presence, the sound transmissions received by the radios get processed by custom audio software and are redistributed to multiple speakers. This then feeds back into the room; gradually creating an evolving, uncanny soundscape that is dependent upon and responsive to its changing environment.

[I am] Floating in a Room invites visitors to participate in a lighthearted conversational experience of space and sound – make a call and you’ll get a response; scream, shout, or just be quiet, but do listen; was that you…was that me…can you tell?

  • Date:

  • Categories:

    Art, Sound Design
  • In collaboration with:

    Berit Janssen, Tijs Ham

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