Labyrinth Psychotica

image by Thomas Lenden

image by Thomas Lenden

“LABYRINTH PSYCHOTICA is an artistic research project about the experience of psychosis. The project launches interactive platforms that transform the direct perceptions of the user into a simulation of psychosis. This allows one to experience, in a creative and engaged manner, how psychosis blends realities and perceptions.” – Jennifer Kanary

I have designed and composed a number of sound pieces for both parts of this project; ‘The Labyrinth’ itself and ‘The Wearable’. While the sound works for The Wearable were designed for more a intimate, headphone listening experience, The Labyrinth sound pieces were designed for parametric speakers which enables creative uses of sound positioning and directionality within a space using ultrasonic sound, thus considerably enhancing the overall in-your-head experience.

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    Art, Sound Design
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    Room For Thoughts
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