Software development for Pierre Bismuth’s installation ‘Aleatechnologicotoric’, commissioned by SmartProjectSpace (today known as New Art Space Amsterdam)
Using Max 5 & lilypond, I have developed a system that listens to the TV, a certain news channel, transcribes the speech into music and prints out sheet music that can be performed on piano.

Sheets of piano scores endlessly whirl from the ceiling in the installation ‘Aleatechnologicotoric’ by conceptual artist Pierre Bismuth and performed by pianist John Snijders in SMART Project Space. Though inaudible for the visitors, the talking heads of world leaders and reporters are transmitted live on CNN and are then translated into sheet music. The performance of ‘Aleatechnologicotoric’ by Pierre Bismuth takes place in conjunction with the exhibition ‘An Ocean of Lemonade; Or the Trouble with Living in Times of Fulfilled Utopias’ by Pierre Bismuth

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    Pierre Bismuth - SPS

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